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Alessandro M. Puricelli

Alessandro Puricelli is a marketing expert specialising in the digitalisation of Italian digitisation of Italian SMEs.
Over the last ten years, he has overseen more than 60 digital projects.
He knows very clearly how to build and bring to success projects of all sizes, from simple websites via ecommerce to complex digital platforms with thousands of members.

Corrado Manenti

Corrado Manenti is an entrepreneur and fashion strategist, specialising in brand creation and management.
Founder of My Scarf in a Box™ and the company Liberty4Fashion, he is the grey eminence behind many successful international brands.As a consultant, he helps designers, fashion and textile companies to correctly communicate their brand identity, build collections and study the best marketing strategies.

After years of working independently, we decided to found Evolve Marketing,
the first marketing agency specialising in corporate digitisation.

By choosing EVOLVE you can count on
a team of experts ready to help you.

Let us try to guess your situation:

1. your product has extreme potential
2. technology hinders you and is your enemy
3. you're not sure where to start
4. you cannot afford to make mistakes

If at least two of these situations mirror your own, you are in the right place.

We help entrepreneurs and companies to exploit digital opportunities with strategic marketing.